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Berlin Acting Academy

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We will teach you modern acting skills for any style. Understudies are instructed through a framework of works out created by Sanford Meisner here at The Neighborhood Playhouse counting: ad lib, reiteration, free action, and scene work.

Speech & Voice

This course employments a number of strategies, counting Alexander, and centers on creating an expressive, adaptable, and thunderous voice with stamina and run.

Modern Dance

Incredible Martha Graham’s work at The Neighborhood Playhouse proceeds as a crucial component of the educational modules nowadays. Interesting to The Neighborhood Playhouse, this development craftsmanship frame gives preparing in modern development to plan the body as a emotional instrument, with accentuation on center and the mindfulness of the body’s center.


Moment year instructors and senior staff work with understudies week by week to supervise each person understudies movement all through the year.

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“Our aim is to turn you into a global star in the shortest possible time. Therefore, be patient and be prepared for the most intense preparation of your life.”


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