Is your screen dirty? Use these five tips to keep it clean.

The human eye can detect fine particles as small as one-thousandth of a millimetre, making it very difficult to see the screen. For this reason, our eyes are always covered with a layer of lubricant that protects them from dust and other stuff that may enter into contact with its surface. Even though you clean your phone or tablet every day, there is still enough time for dust and dirt to gather on its surface. 

Preventive and cleaning measures can help you keep your device skin clean and clear for longer times. It might seem simple, but keeping your screen clean can be tricky, especially with people spending so much time using their phones. For further assistant, you can always read this post on to get better ideas.

 Why our Screen gets Dirty?

The mobile screen of our mobile and device is the most delicate part of the system. The small dust particles in the atmosphere and oil dirt from our hands catch the screen of our mobile phones and make them dirty and unclear. The small atomic particles that are mostly invisible become visible as soon as they fall on our mobile screen. The moisture from your hands is also transferred to the screen that attracts finer dust particles. These particles are attached to the screen, creating troubled and altered vision.

When you clean these particles with a cloth, they rub against the screen, causing fine scratches. These scratches increase with time and ultimately spoil the total shiny surface of your device. The same scenario is seen after cleaning the screen with a rough cloth.


Tips for Clean and Clear Screen

All you need to do is make sure your screen is perfectly clean each day before you start using it. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining a clear and shiny screen

  1. Clean your mobile device throughout the day. Sprinkle some water drops over it and use a soft cloth to wipe if needed.
  2. Don’t let liquids touch your screen. If you accidentally drop anything, don’t touch it. Just use the same cloth you used for cleaning and wipe it carefully without rubbing or scratching the surface.
  3. Avoid using any liquid on your device unless needed. This includes sprays and wipes that slowly lower the shine and smoothness of your screen.
  4. Take precautions with plastic, lens and Plexiglas materials. Don’t touch them, and make sure your hands are clean before touching them. 
  5. Don’t use your mobile device or tablet when it is charging; keep it out of direct sunlight; don’t leave the device in extreme heat, in places with lots of magnetic fields or in places with high humidity.

Remember that the screen is always the most delicate part of your electronic device. That’s why it needs extra care. So if you want to keep the shine and smoothness of your screen for a longer time, you can read this post on for some pro tips and measures.

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